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Bird Free - Encouraging CD

Bird Free - Encouraging CD


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With "Mutmacher", the band's second album, VOGELFREI broke new ground in 2002. As a result, they became pioneers and pioneers of the subsequent German rock movement and have since then enjoyed absolute cult status within it. While the debut "Stiefeljungs" was still very traditional and the lyrics were rather general, "Mutmacher" surprises with a very personal touch. The focus is now clearly on singer Ricky's very thoughtful and melancholic lyrics, with which he, among other things, deals with his own time in prison: "You will change, you will no longer be the same / Whether for better or worse is entirely up to you / The homesickness and the fear that you're missing out on something, a lot of things will become easier, even this big burden..." So no fake drivel from a dreamy teenager, but the bitter realizations of a difficult youth. Never sappy or whiny, VOLGELFREI instead rely on authentic street charm. Honest and without double bottoms. Perfectly performed by Ricky's unmistakable solemn vocals and combined with hard street rock, "Mutmacher" impresses as a rousing mixture of emotion and heaviness. As a successful musical implementation of an emotional knock out. 10 strong songs that really give you courage, German rock at its most intense. Reissue of the album with the original artwork. Asphalt 2002/2009.

1. You are free
2. Own
3. Never again
4. Is that really it?
5. How much longer?
6th morning
7. You don't know anything
8. Young happiness
9. So I'm 10. Forgiven once...

VOGELFREI (OUTLAWED) hailing from Torgau in the eastern part of Germany. It's their second full length, originally released in 2002, and a big step to their previous material. That's not just empty words or a promotional phrase, that's a fact. Believe me..."Mutmacher" contains 10 strong rockin' tracks with very personal and emotional German lyrics. They dealin' mostly with Singer Ricky's prison time and his own views and realizations, so it's not whiny emo crap. "Mutmacher" is an upright street rock effort and a thoughtful anti-social statement as well. Reissue with original artwork.

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