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Bird Free - Somewhere MCD

Bird Free - Somewhere MCD


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Emotions without embarrassment, feelings instead of phrases. “Somewhere” was first released in 2003 and was the third release by VOGELFREI from Torgau. The path from its predecessor, "Mutmacher", is continued, the concept of VOGELFREI is merely refined somewhat stylistically. Ricky's vocals seem even more pronounced, even more intense on "Somewhere", and the VOGELFREI sound overall is even denser and more precise. The guitar work is somewhat reminiscent of ONKELZ, but that is easily explained by both bands' preference for straight, hard rock. That's it for the similarities and comparisons, VOGELFREI have now moved into their own league and created their own personal style. This is mainly due to the expressive texts, which make you think and go into depth. The title song, for example, revolves around the everyday hopelessness that everyone has experienced at some point. "It's starting, I have to get out of here again from the constraints of this city / It's starting, I can't take it any longer... and I want to see further, no more walls standing around me...". 6 brittle, uncomfortable anthems against the constraints of our time, packaged in driving, dynamic street rock. Songs of bad boys and quiet anger. The new edition appears in the original artwork, and as a small bonus this time a colored VOGELFREI sticker is included. Asphalt 2003/2009.

  1. A life long
  2. coldness of the world
  3. Tonight
  4. Somewhere
  5. Bad boy
  6. consciousness


Originally released in 2003, "Somewhere" deliver us more tight Street Rock with intense thoughtfully Outlaw-lyrics by Torgau-based VOGELFREI. Unique vocals meet very special lyrics. Lyrics about the darker side of society and life, lyrics about one way situations. Heartfelt, mellow but with a lot of silent rage. 6 straight rockin' tunes out of east German streets. Reissue with original artwork & band sticker as bonus.

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