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Vanilla Muffins "Gimme some Sugar Oi" LP (black)

Vanilla Muffins "Gimme some Sugar Oi" LP (black)


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New edition of the classic album!

Limitation: 50 Clear - Dead Rockers Exclusive, 100 Pink/White Split - PNV Exclusive, 200 Baby Pink - Indie Exclusive, 650 Black



A1 Gimme Some Sugar Oi!, A2 Mommy's Wonderful, A3 We Are The City Boys, A4 Mommy It's Me!, A5 Saturday, A6 Beauty And The Beast 

B1 Mommy, How Can We Stay Young?, B2 Uncle Criminal, B3 Blue Red Forever, B4 I Can't Hear You, B5 Mike Tyson, B6 Hands Off Our Liberty, B7 Switzerland

(PNV / 2022)

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