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Spirit of the Streets

V/A - Oi! The Singles of Bandworm Records Vol. 1 CD (DigiPac)

V/A - Oi! The Singles of Bandworm Records Vol. 1 CD (DigiPac)


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Unfortunately, it seems that the days when music lovers bought the good old singles are coming to an end. That's a shame, which is why we don't necessarily like to release this CD compilation. Many collectors will probably hate us for this. But we know that hundreds of fans would like to have these songs released on CD, so of course we as a label can't resist that. We tried to leave the cover artwork of the singles in the original, but we gave the sound of the recordings a proper make-up in the form of digital re-mastering. We hope you enjoy this “vinyl CD”! PS: The advantage of the CD is that the needle doesn't jump when you LISTEN TO IT LOUD!!!

1. Cobbler boys This is us
2. Schusterjungs Hate Society
3. Shoemaker boys Set yourself free
4. Cobbler boys And no more
5. Soko Thirst Liquor
6. Soko Durst My birthday

7. Soko thirst amok
8. Soko Durst Rock'n'Roll
9. Eastside Boys The last one in the place
10. Eastside Boys philosophers
11. Eastside Boys cohesion
12. Eastside Boys Oi/Punk Rock'n'Roll Saxon Switzerland
13. Eastside Boys Günther Netzer
14. Stammtischprolls Once God, once king
15. Stammtischprolls I don't believe in God
16. Stammtischprolls children
17. Stammtischprolls It's never too late

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