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Unit Lost "Mainstream Misfits" CD

Unit Lost "Mainstream Misfits" CD


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(The 4th UNIT LOST album from 2003, even snappier and more robust than its predecessors! Released on vinyl in a small edition by BLIND BEGGAR Records, here is another delicate remaining stock! UNITED LOST delights us on "Mainstream misfits" with 9 Oi! grenades Hardcore note. The Viking rock influences of the early days have given way to a rich streetcore sound, the trio accelerates! BLIND BEGGAR. 2003)

(Here we have the last copies of this Swedish Oi! album, released back in the days 2003. It's a good rockin' Oi! & Hardcore mix, so you can call it "Streetcore" or "Oi!core" etc. Very tight street music! BLIND BEGGAR. 2003)

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