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Twopointweight "From Wires" CD

Twopointweight "From Wires" CD


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(After the teaser 7" "Outburst" on Pirates Press, now a complete album as the successor "II". The Stockholmers have finally broken away from the straight VOAG/Bombshell Rocks street punk, the opener "Dusting for prints" already makes that clear strikes a thoughtful, melancholic tone. The 10 tracks are difficult to pigeonhole; Gaslight Anthems could serve as a reference, among other things. Very independent, interesting and exciting album. I Scream 2014)

1. Dusting For Prints
2. Martha St.
3. Speed ​​Of Love
4. Got Love
5. An Open Window

6. This Is Where We Part
7. Straight To Video
8. Summer In The Burbs
9. The World Keeps Turning
10. The Grid

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