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Concrete Jungle

Turbo AC's, The "Radiation" CD (lim. O-Card)

Turbo AC's, The "Radiation" CD (lim. O-Card)


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Seven years after their last record “Kill Everyone”, THE TURBO AC's are finally presenting their eighth studio album “Radiation”, which impresses with 13 driving punk rock songs and the unmistakable voice of frontman Kevin Cole. Another milestone in the history of a band that has created its own sound over the past 22 years and earned a worldwide fan base right from the start.

With their debut album “Damnation Overdrive”, which was released in 1996 on the New York record label Blackout! Records was released, THE TURBO AC's created their own surf punk genre and made big waves, especially in Europe. The revised re-release “20 Years in Damnation Overdrive”, which was released in June 2016 on Concrete Jungle Records, proves that the combination of their rough sound with the catchy melodies has lost none of their fascination to this day.

But the re-release is not the only reason why surf punks have become quiet in recent years. In 2014, Kevin Cole made his dream come true. He left New York behind after 25 years and moved to Puerto Rico to open a pizza bar under the palm trees. The band still remained active. “We now live across several countries,” summarizes the guitarist and singer. “But we’ve known each other for so long now that the distance isn’t a problem for us.” But then Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. The Revolution Pizza Shop he had worked so hard for was flooded and there was no electricity or fresh water in the city for weeks. His bandmates spontaneously started a crowdfunding campaign to help the singer get back on his feet - with success. Concrete Jungle 2018

The first recordings of the new album “Radiation” were already in the can when the catastrophe struck the TURBO AC's frontman. Luckily, he managed to get her to safety in time. With the worst over, Kevin Cole set to work completing the eighth studio album. And seriously, who better to write a punk rock record for an angry new generation than a man who was on the edge himself? “Radiation” impresses with a whole series of energetic songs such as “Go Ahead”, “All Alone” and the brilliant cover of Lana Del Rey’s song “High By The Beach”. An album that has been a long time coming, but exceeds all expectations!
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