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Tommy & The Terrors "Problem. Reaction. Solution + 28 Bonus Tracks" CD

Tommy & The Terrors "Problem. Reaction. Solution + 28 Bonus Tracks" CD


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(Boston street punk grenade! Spiced up CD version of the current TTT-7" "Problem.Reaction.Solution" (released in 2010 in a small edition on Rock'n'Roll Disgrace). Commendably, they didn't skimp on bonus material, no matter what 28 additional tracks (from the split with Darkbuster, the Boston Scene Report sampler, the "Mass Hysteria" album, "Outbound 7" as well as various unreleased demos and outtakes) were donated here by the label. Angry Boston sound of the rousing variety! The band It hardly needs much introduction, thanks to high-class releases on TKO, Rodent Popsicle, Outsider, Welfare, Flat etc. it has long since secured its permanent place in Boston street punk history. Right at the forefront, between Ducky Boys, Blue Bloods, Street Dogs etc. 4 Subculture 2011)

(Tommy & The Terrors are back on the map! What a release! Special European version of the latest TTT 7" (originally released on Rock'n'Roll Disgrace) with 28 additional bonus tracks! So you'll get a kind of Best of...Compilation with songs from their previous releases (Split CD w/ Darkbuster, Boston Scene Report-Sampler, "Mass Hysteria" Album, "Outbound 7" etc.) and a bunch of previously unreleased demo tracks/outtakes. Finest Boston Streetpunk with angry vocals and catchy riffs. 4 Subculture 2011)

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