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Counterproleten "HABEMUS ALBUM" CD

Counterproleten "HABEMUS ALBUM" CD


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(The Thekenproleten with their second album! After the high-flying debut "Ein bißchen Proll", the songwriting and production are upped a notch here. Hardly any other band in the genre has the playing skills that the boys from BaWü display : sophisticated guitar riffs with good rocky-metallic-sounding solos and a sound that has been washed this time! In addition to lyrics from life, the band is also characterized by a tendency towards a certain ambiguity that should not be taken seriously and should have some fun Don't miss out on this album. Nevertheless, "HABEMUS ALBUM" is groundbreaking for the new generation of German rock culture, which is no longer necessarily just a copy X of band Y, but is now very well positioned with its own bands and is actually not a flash in the pan Frontman Tyson, singer of the Wilden Jungs from Fulda, also does the honors and joins in on the drinking anthem “Suff from Yesterday”! burnout 2013)

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