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The Clench "Dead-End Street" MLP (Beer Vinyl)

The Clench "Dead-End Street" MLP (Beer Vinyl)


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Amazing debut of this new Oi! Band from the depths of Scotland (halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh). Arek, Mito, Samu and Pawel formed The Clench in late 2021 and recorded this 6-track mini-LP at Gracenote Studios (Durfemline, Scotland) in early 2023. The band was founded by European immigrants, Arek is Polish and has sung in bands such as Last Stand (SCO) and Static Shock (SCO). For his part, Mito is a native of Galicia and has played guitar in Galician bands such as Skulldog and Fred And The Perrys, to name just a few bands...

The Clench sing in English, sounding hard and powerful but without losing a bit of melody, thanks to Mito's experience of almost two decades of playing guitar in various bands, and this is evident in each of the songs that make up the album. Pawel's fine bass lines, Samu's perfectly executed drums and Arek's rough vocals harmonize perfectly and leave you wanting at least one more song at the end of the album.

The album opens with "Wage Slavery" (Who's gonna tell us the truth?), reminiscent of Condemned 84's "No One Like us", and ends with "Our Life", perhaps the album's best track, reminiscent of Oxymoron . The Clench's sound reminds me of a mix of the Americans Legion 76, The Prowlers and maybe something from the early years of the Scots On File and Bakers Dozen.

Limited edition of 500 copies with insert (100 of them on 'beer' vinyl). 6 tracks!

  1. Dare Slavery
  2. The Clench
  3. Working class
  4. Dead End Street
  5. Back Street Rock'n'Roll
  6. Our Life
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