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Spirit of the Streets

The 3 Kings "Outcasts" LP (black vinyl, limited edition 250, DL code)

The 3 Kings "Outcasts" LP (black vinyl, limited edition 250, DL code)


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Bernie King lets us autobiographically share in his life with his Gretsch 6120 on the 3 Kings' new album. Stories that you have already experienced in one way or another and stories that you can only experience as a “hard working man” worldwide are presented very competently, diversely and authentically.

Admittedly, the A2 is not necessarily Highway 1 or Route 66. But there are also Outcasts in Saxony-Anhalt and the 3 Rock'N'Rollers from Magdeburg provide the appropriate soundtrack. 13 songs about easy girls and heavy boys (Street Girls & Drunken Sailors), about happy parties (Wasting our Time), about failed relationships (Without You) and the resulting “downstairs” stories (My Song) as well as the purified sinner (Natural Born Sinner) burn into your brain like a bourbon-soaked road movie and a promising saloon door appears as a mirage on the horizon. Equipped with the right role models and the right spirit, the 3 kings are now serving up their second record, appropriately called “OUTCASTS” with the subtitle “WE'RE DOING IT OUR WAY”. The boys ram the middle finger in the face of EVERYONE who would like to say it to you , what a “real” rockabilly song should sound like. Okay, a pure authentic 50's rockabilly purist who even wears the original underpants from the 50's won't be able to do much with this record, but with the golden yellow Johnny Cash meets Social Distortion/Mike Ness solo recipe, this album with its live feeling will appeal to everyone Friends of good and varied music know how to delight.

Ride on, Outcast!


  1. Wasting our time
  2. The 3Kings with a double bass
  3. Never come back
  4. Born to break the rules
  5. A longing
  6. Street girls and drunken sailors
  7. Without you
  8. License to kill
  9. Hard working man
  10. Bruiser
  11. Natural born sinner
  12. I want it all
  13. My song
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