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Tank Shot "First Strike" LP (lim. 500, splatter)

Tank Shot "First Strike" LP (lim. 500, splatter)


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The Hanoverian altpunks provide you with 15 catchy & varied punk rock & street punk songs with melodic female vocals, sophisticated guitar riffs and solos. Sometimes things go a little faster, but there are also mid-tempo sing-along pieces with fat choirs and slower punk ballads that are sure to please your ears. You definitely won't get bored while listening. With one exception, the singing is entirely in English. This is also the debut album from Tank Shot, some of whose members have a lot of experience, some of whom have been active since the 1980s in bands such as: Guts`n`Glory, Melones, Combat 77, Annex 5 and many more. For friends of melodic punk rock / street punk with female vocals. Laketown 2018
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