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Subculture "Ain't done..." EP 7" (lim. 100, bone)

Subculture "Ain't done..." EP 7" (lim. 100, bone)


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(A new record by the Old Boys from Cambridge, UK. Remember? With their 83 “Loud & clear” 7” they are quite rightly stuck on the vinyl collectors’ search lists… Would you like a little journey through time? Subculture deliver on the current “Ain't done "nothing wrong" 7" is back to the tough 80's Oi!, newfangled frippery obviously has its teeth on the band. The songs are reduced to the bare essentials, every move, every melody is perfect. Simple and effective! Very old school, learned It's just learned. Nothing has really changed since "Loud & Clear". Why should it? Edition of 500 in three colors. Contra 2015)

Press info:
300 SOLID 'BONE'with BLACK Haze
100 bones
100 black vinyl
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