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Clockwork Firm

Straight Laced "Violence on the street" EP 7" (lim. 100, white)

Straight Laced "Violence on the street" EP 7" (lim. 100, white)


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("Slugger City Street Rock!" Skinhead trio from Louisville, Kentucky with 3 songs, recorded in 2004. Melodic US Oi! with a heavy UK 80's beat, definitely sounds very British. Business meets Red London, with some rejects ("Power & glory" phase) and Upstarts ("Blood on the terraces" phase). As an additional highlight there is a skillfully implemented cover of "Violence in our minds" (Last Resort). 100 copies in black vinyl/100 copies in purple marbled vinyl Vinyl (Clockwork Firm 2013)

("Slugger City Street Rock!" Skinhead 3-piece out of Louisville, Kentucky with 3 track 7". Catchy UK style Oi!, sounds like an anthemic mixture of Rejects, Upstarts, Red London and Business. Topped with an excellent cover of Last Resort's "Violence in our minds". 100 copies on black vinyl/100 copies on purple marbled vinyl. Clockwork Firm 2013)

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