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Stomper 98 "Stomper 98" LP (black, limited 500)

Stomper 98 "Stomper 98" LP (black, limited 500)


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Stomper 98 are back! With their seventh studio album, significantly titled -STOMPER 98-, the band will officially celebrate their 25th band anniversary with a new album on September 1st, 2023. And what an album! No prisoners are taken here. The songs are carried by catchy melodies and choirs that immediately invite you to sing along. Socially critical, political and with both feet in life. Whether hardcore, punk, reggae, shuffle or classic punk rock. Stomper 98 show that they can handle anything and don't hide behind clichés! The disc is released on their newly founded, own label -S98 Records-, distributed by Tonpool Medien GmbH. The band around Sebi Stomper, Tommi Tox (Toxpack) and Lars Frederiksen (Rancid) show a joy and energy that makes it hard to believe that they have been on the road for 25 years. Saxophonist Holgi gives Stomper 98 an unmistakable face and the new band members Sille Riot (bass) and Stefan -Herzi- (drums) are pumping relentlessly! Stomper 98 clearly show that street punk is an independent, serious genre these days!


01. The sting in the ass

02. Outsiders

03. We continue to hold the flags high

04. Everything remains stolen from me

05. Do you recognize yourself?

06. To the voices of a generation

07. Germany in chaos

08. Everyone against everyone, everyone against everyone

09. 25 years

10. Alex - Shadow of the Night

11. Boots, beer and bomber jackets

12. So long ago

13. Ninety-eight nights


(S98 Records / 2023)

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