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Haymaker "We Apologize to Nobody" CD

Haymaker "We Apologize to Nobody" CD


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Haymaker from Prague with their second release! The high-flyers of 2017 deliver a thoroughbred Oi with “We apologize to nobody”! Take the wraps off and at the same time reinforce the band's credo: We only do exactly what WE want! - Don't say sorry to anyone! 10 new hits with the charismatic voice of Tim Steinfort (Ex Discharger), very melodically somewhere between the old The Business and Perkele, although you can also hear a good edge of Motörhead now and then! His colleagues are also no strangers: Stöbi from Martens Army on drums and Tomas (Ex Saints & Sinners) on bass, who perfect the songwriting together with Tim, the main actor! This band is a bright spot in the Oi! And street punk music landscape and can be recommended to anyone who likes honest, handmade sound! The boys were already quite busy last year and played concerts all over the world (!) and won't be keeping their feet still in 2018 either: a US tour is coming up, as well as various dates in Germany and Europe! Watch out for one of the best bands in Oi!, actually! The album will be released under the band's own initiative in collaboration with: KB-Records (GER+EU), Tough Times Music (CZ), Fear City (US), The Firm Records (Brazil) 2018

1. Underdogs
2. No social life
3. Boys in blue
4. Only a sinner becomes a winner
5. Hang up your boots
6. Skinhead Rock 'n' Roll
7. Freedom
8. To get drunk to fight
9. We want to apologize
10. Hold on to your dreams (Acoustic)
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