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Start "Tonight" LP (lim. 500, black)

Start "Tonight" LP (lim. 500, black)


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Mod sound from Düsseldorf from the mid-80s! Very rare recordings from 1985. German mod history, which also appeals to punks and indie pop fans. Begin! was founded in 1983 with people from, among others, the German mod greats Die Profis and Hour Elegantly formulated lyrics, polyphonic vocals, two guitars. German-language indie/power pop of the first league, founded at the height of the Neue Deutsche Welle and dissolved before the Hamburg School, so completely “wrong place, wrong time”. Under this title there is also a mod sampler with Start at the beginning of 2016! published, which has been well received so far. Start was also found in the “Three Buttons and Canned Beer” book about the German mod scene with the center in Düsseldorf! of course mentioned a few years ago. Published in the 80s by Start! In addition to various cassette demos and sampler contributions, only one 7" ("The Beat", 1986, Smarten-Up.). Unfortunately, the planned album was canceled when the band broke up in 1988. With the Tonight LP, the great, but The relatively unknown start was subsequently acknowledged again in style. It contains a total of 13 songs, including very rare demo recordings from 1985 and of course the three songs from the legendary 7" single. Teenage Rebel 2016

1. How you do it
2. This is how it should be
3. Tonight
4. Terminus center
5. Do you understand what I mean?
6. Hide
7. One Step Too Many [7" Version]
8. The Beat [7" Version]
9. Day BY Day [7" Version]
10. Julia
11. When I look into your eyes
12. It's Not Over Yet [Live 1985]
13. A Life Like in the Movies [Live 1985]
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