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Springtoifel / Biertoifel "The right and left hand of the Toifel" (12" MAXI EP, white/red splatter)

Springtoifel / Biertoifel "The right and left hand of the Toifel" (12" MAXI EP, white/red splatter)


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When two "Toifel" combos do a split together, generations come together and a happy atmosphere is created. The Springtoifel scene veterans, who have been active since 1981, have finally written new songs again after a long break and are joining hands with Biertoifel, which was founded almost 35 years later. The result - "The Right and Left Hands of Toifel" - is an Oi! steam hammer for your record player! 3 songs per band and after a befitting "Oitro" intro, Springtoifel show that the "old guard" is still a force to be reckoned with. Classic, old school and exactly how we remember the Mainz Droogs. With "Heinz alias Stehbierhalle" there is another trademark of the band: they haven't forgotten their love of drinking, mood-boosting rock'n'Oi music and a certain knack for little everyday stories. The song could also be considered a continuation of the legendary "Beer Can Twist"...

Biertoifel, on the other hand, have caused quite a stir in the scene in recent years and have rightly matured into one of the most popular German Oi bands after two albums. The opener "Außer Rand und Band" already heats up the mood and should immediately send the "Biertoifel Army" streaming from the bar into the first row of concerts. “With the boots on my feet” then all the dams break. Exuberant singalongs, melodic Oi! anthem and everything packed into 3 chords that defines the way of life! The “Skinhead Party” ends with an international version of what is probably their most popular song (and last album title song), recorded together with the guys from Mob Mentality from the USA.

(Laketown Records / Sunny Bastards 2023)

Limited Edition 180g vinyl

- 100pcs black

- 100pcs white

- 100pcs red/white splatter


Springtoifel page:


A2: Old Guard

A3: Heinz aka Stehbierhalle 2.0

Biertoifel page:

B1: Out of control

B2: With the boots on my feet

B3: Skinhead Party (english version feat. Mob Mentality)

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