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split Wayward Caines / The Strangers "same" EP 7" (lim. 500)

split Wayward Caines / The Strangers "same" EP 7" (lim. 500)


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(Almost a California Punk Rock double whammy! The Strangers are a young OC hope made up of old warhorses (including Rob Milucky from Die Hunns, Pushers etc. on guitar), their debut album comes via Hellcat (without the track from the split, it's exclusive here!) "Cut out the Lights" was recorded by Johnny Two Bags Wickersham. Your team partners Wayward Caines can at least call out one big California name: Johnny Sokko from the Simpletones. It was recorded at Wild at Heart Studios in Berlin. Musically, the split also serves up the expected intersection of mid-tempo OC Beach Punk a la US Bombs and a fine portion of Stitches/Broken Bottles sound. Heavily limited in a small edition of 500 copies in three different colors. Contra 2010)

(California double punch! Strangers feat. OC vet Rob Milucky (ex-Die Hunns, Pushers etc.) on guitar! And for the Wayward Caines: "Currently featuring members from 4 cities, 3 countries and 2 continents the Wayward Caines began its miserable existence as a Southern California street gang and for all we know it may end that way too. Get the picture?.. .If you fell in love with Rock And Roll for any of the right reasons then maybe we are the flavor you've been looking for." (Band info). Limited edition of 500 copies on different colors. Contra 2010)
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