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split Strongbow / Cheap Stuff "same" 10"

split Strongbow / Cheap Stuff "same" 10"


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(Florence on the Elbe at its best...Two Dresden Sympatico combos on a cuddle course, after their split with High Society, Cheap Stuff are now getting the local buddies from Strongbow on board: In the spirit of true love, they cover each other (and twice over), You then add two of your own tracks each. Makes a total of 8 pieces, 4 per band. Musically it fits like a glove, both Strongbow and Cheap Stuff have dedicated themselves to melodic US street punk rock as a basis, garnished with their own ingredients . Playful and variable, implemented at a high level. Cheap Stuff tends roughly towards US Bombs, exudes that wonderfully drunken Duane Peters charm. Sloppy'n'drunk, the soundtrack for heroes on bar stools. Strongbow are getting better with each release , red wine effect based on rum. Great melodies, stirring singalongs, smart offbeat for in between. Contra 2015)
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