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split Gonads,The / The Uprisers "same" EP 7"

split Gonads,The / The Uprisers "same" EP 7"


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(Garry Bushell's Gonads probably don't need any more introduction, The Uprisers are a "true working class punk rock band" from Portsmouth, USA around Todd Radict (ex-The Radicts, LES Stitches) and Roger (ex-Bruisers). Oldfashioned UK Oi !/Pubrock (Garry lets Harry May take revenge) meets melodic US street punk'n'roll, two tracks each from both bands. 400 copies on red vinyl + download code. Skinflint 2013)

(US Eastcoast meets Drinking London: The Uprisers (feat. staff from the Radicts and the Bruisers) deliver fresh sounding "true working class punk rock", melodic & drivin! Garry bushell's Gonads give Harry May a revenge, oldfashioned and clever. Two tracks by each band. 400 copies on red wax + download code. Skinflint 2013)

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