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split Dipsomaniacs / The Bayonets "Well connected" CD

split Dipsomaniacs / The Bayonets "Well connected" CD


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(British-Serbian street punk summit, each combo is represented with six songs. The Bayonets, founded in Novi Sad in 2004, are reminiscent of a dynamic clash/jam mix, are pleasantly UK-oriented. The singing is in both English and Serbian. Sunderland's finest, consisting of the usual local suspects such as Cast Iron Smith (Red Alert) on vocals, Dickie Hammond (Angelic Upstarts, Leatherface etc.) and Gaz Stoker (Red London etc.), cultivate a classy pub-ready singalong melody sound of 82 (see also their debut album "Gambrinus"). Mad Butcher 2012)

(The Dipsomaniacs aka Sunderlands finest Streetpunk Allstars (feat. members of Angelic Upstarts/Leatherface, Red Alert, Red London etc. teamed up with Serbian Streetpunks The Bayonets. The Bayonets reminds on a kickin' Clash/Jam mixture, highly influenced by End 70's Punk Rock. The Dipsomanics do it a very melodic singolang style, similar to Red London. Or Red Alert. Or The current Upstarts. Not a grounbreakin' surprise, but very anthemic stuff in a good ole tradition. Six tracks by each band. Mad Butcher 2012)

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