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split Assault & Battery / DDC "Assualt & Destroy" 10" (lim. 100, gold)

split Assault & Battery / DDC "Assualt & Destroy" 10" (lim. 100, gold)


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(Split 10" by Atlanta's Drink & Destroy Crew with Assault & Battery from Wisconsin. DDC (with Fatskins guitarist Wynn) released a strong debut 7" on Vinyl4Bootboys in December 2013, Assault & Battery could already be seen from the third part of the "Voice of America" ​​compilation series, their split with Concrete and the debut 7" on One Track Mind Records. 4 songs per band, DDC take a more sedate approach (midtempo Oi! with fat choirs) and have the Fatskin cover " "Need a dentist" (feat. Mike Fatskin) on board, Assault and Battery live up to their name. Aggro Oi! with a lot of anger in their stomachs! Edition of 500: 300 black, 100 gold and 100 clear. Rebellion 2015)

Pressing info:
300x black
100x clear
100x gold
17x test pressing

01. Bush League
02. Needin' A Dentist
03. Fight Like Hell
04. Bitter End
01. Truth, Liberty & Justice
02. My Life
03. Still Pissed
04. Cold Weather

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