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split 7er Jungs / Bonecrusher "Brickwall vs. Fuck All" EP 7" (lim. 200, black)

split 7er Jungs / Bonecrusher "Brickwall vs. Fuck All" EP 7" (lim. 200, black)


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Four tracks that knock out each crown individually: Firstly, BONECRUSHER. That means Bonecrusher as usual: everyone's beloved brutal street dog punk made in Orange County. On the other hand, the 7er JUNGS on the Flipside as their German equivalent: bone-crushing sound that beats the entire club out the door. Where it says Bonecrusher, it also says Bonecrusher - plagiarism has no chance, the Kings cannot be copied: The full pound in the form of “Working for Nothing” and “The Past is Gone” from what is supposed to be the band’s best phase to date. The 7er boys follow up with the “Stuka Löve” single and spit in the faces of the trend whores these days with “Sympathy of Fools”. The typical 7er Jungs edge, enriched with a bit of rock n roll of the dirty variety - Motörhead & Chiswick Drive are peeking around the corner - garnished with a sweet and angry pouring of the best “fuck you” icing you had in the house. There is also a lively singalong number called “German Angst”. German American friendship?!? No friendship, there's just a German-American bell here! Against 2016
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