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Social Distortion "Hard times and nursery rhymes" CD (DigiPac)

Social Distortion "Hard times and nursery rhymes" CD (DigiPac)


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(7 years after the last longplayer "Sex, Love & Rock'n roll" finally new studio material from OC's Favorite Son Mike Ness and his companions! "Hard times and nursery rhymes", album # 7, contains 11 (including instrumental -Intro) or 13 (Vinyl shines with two bonus tracks: "Take Care of Yourself" & "I Wont Run No More") extremely casual tracks in the highly revered, unique and copy-protected Social D. style, original remains original. Overall, very rocky and relaxed, the Rolling Stones, Hank Williams (honored again with a cover) and Bruce Springsteen were audibly the inspiration. The anger of the early years has almost completely disappeared, but the unique songwriting confidently closes this gap. With "California (Hustle and Flow)" and Bakersfield" there is also the pleasant local touch, the charming SoCal spirit. A great album by a great band. Epitaph 2011)

(7th studio full length by Fullerton own's Social Distortion. "Hard times and nursery rhymes" contains 11 very rockin' and eased tracks in their unique and famous style. Strong reminiscences to early Stones and Bruce Springsteen, and a cool Hank Williams cover. Another outstanding Social D. master piece, a top notch Outlaw sound track. Vinyl comes w/ two bonus tracks ("Take Care of Yourself" & "I Wont Run No More"). Epitaph 2011)

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