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Skinflicks, The "Let's 'ave It!" LP (black)

Skinflicks, The "Let's 'ave It!" LP (black)


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As the follow-up to their surprising, actual comeback album from 2022, "Old dogs, new Tricks", The Skinflicks are back and have tasted blood. "Let's 'ave it!" fires off another uncompromising broadside of hard-hitting, old-school Oi music, which never sees melody as a weakness, but rather as an integral part of The Skinflicks' rough overall sound.

- Black, 180 gram 12" vinyl

- Sturdy box pocket

- Cover printed using the inside-out printing process

- Inner sleeve with all lyrics

- Inner cover made of special, rough paper

Tracklist: A1 This Is the Crew / A2 Gentrified for Your Sins / A3Get on Yer Bus / A4 Tin-Pot Soldier / A6 Blood and Glass / B1 Teach 'em the Law / B2 Stand Fast / B3 Fuck All / B4 Bored / B5 Next to you


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