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Skinflicks, The "Let's 'ave It!" CD (DigiPac)

Skinflicks, The "Let's 'ave It!" CD (DigiPac)


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In 2021, The Skinflicks revealed they don't like hipsters - now they're explaining why!

The current single “Gentrified For Your Sins” heralds a new chapter in the band’s work. The song is not just a new song from the four guys from Luxembourg, it also once again showcases their preference for cynical lyrics full of biting humor and bitter realism.

In every major city you can now see that the poorest people are being driven out of their supposed hotspot neighborhoods to make room for overrated pop-up stores and overpriced coffee shops, where the fifth generation family business used to stand. Would-be bohemians take over the supposedly run-down neighborhood, causing rent and living costs to skyrocket dramatically until the former residents who put a lot of hard work into building the neighborhood can no longer afford to live there at all. In this way, the last remnant of working class culture is dealt the coup de grace.

The Skinflicks, who never shy away from uncomfortable social criticism, package the unpleasant truths behind this mechanism in a lyrically bitter commentary full of sharp-tongued cynicism.

But that's not all: another exclusive treat awaits the loyal fans on the B-side of the single: "New Media Men", another new song that is stylistically reminiscent of English street punk of the 80s. Lyrically, this song extends social criticism to the world of media, which today manipulates the fates and thoughts of the masses even more than ever before.

All in all, “Gentrified For Your Sins” is another unmissable Skinflicks release: two awesome tracks that rock out and plenty of uncomfortable lyrics to mentally challenge the inclined listener.

Tracklist: A1 Gentrified For Your Sins / B1 New Media Men



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