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Skinflick's "Lies damned Lies & Skinheadstories" CD

Skinflick's "Lies damned Lies & Skinheadstories" CD


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(Skinhead wonder from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! The band around former D'Toxkäpp/Petrograd musicians has already achieved various notable successes with their two demos, and the following 7" even secured them a small cult status. And rightly so: the Skinflicks had a golden touch for the perfect Oi! sound: melodic, catchy and rousing. On their debut album there was a lot to look forward to: 16 great street singalongs with English lyrics and the right message: "I hate hippies", "" Final warning", "Lionhearts", "Terrace terror" etc. Nicely bass-heavy and with an aggressive edge, in keeping with the UK Purity Law of 1981. Authentic old school Oi! So, Skinflicks are clearly in the same league as Evil Conduct, Perkele and various UK Oi! sizes. Collector note: Here are some remaining copies of the first pressing! Blind Beggar 2001)

(Debut full length by the Skinhead wonder out of Luxemburg! After their roaring two demo releases and their fantastic 7" (which contains demo tracks), their first album is packed with a bunch of top notch Oi! singalongs! So catchy and kickin' ! Authentic english lyrics about the most important things: Way of Life, Hooliganism, Hate for Hippies etc. 100% oldfashioned UK style, same league like Evil Conduct, Perkele or some British Vets! Blind Beggar 2001)

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