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Spirit of the Streets

Skarmento - same CD

Skarmento - same CD


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SKARMENTO: Galician street punk'n'roll on the trail of Honorable Society: BONECRUSHER, CLASH and Tony Montana aka Skarface supported us as sponsors. No 2-tone beat in sight, the name might be confusing, but it's a hard-edged crime & punk sound from Spain's northwest. SKARMENTO, founded in 2000, have confidently learned from the best and forged their bloodthirsty SKARMENTO soundtrack: from BONECRUSHER the viciousness, from CLASH the relaxed feeling, DECIBELIOS and ZAKARRAK as Spanish references and various mobsters as leaden inspiration. The US/UK parallels are particularly present on the English-language tracks, as soon as it turns Spanish, the SKARMENTO note of Galician grimness dominates! An album like a dark bar scenario: tattoos, alcohol, rock'n'roll and the subtle hint of bodily harm as a link. It's this dangerous, explosive mixture of violent situations and relaxed, suspicious moments of calm. A calm in the storm. Combined perfectly and cold-bloodedly. 12 criminally explosive tracks with aggressive vocals, sharp-edged riffs and bulletproof melodies. One-off vinyl edition of 600 copies in jet black. Zenowork/Anfibio/Punk Machine/Rusty Knife/Bandworm 2009)


Todo Segue Igual
Xunta As Tuas Forzas
Caos Night
Algo Que Contarche
Seguimos Fuxindo
Vixia As Costas
Seguiremos Sendo
Punk Rock Na Radio
Por Vida
Vento Mareiro
Tempos Duros

"They were 4 guys from Donramino. The world will remember them by another name...SKARMENTO!" SKARMENTO, est. in 2000, is inspired by the bullet-proof Good Fellas of Rock'n'Roll: BONECRUSHER, CLASH and Tony Montana. They have the BONECRUSHER rage, that relaxed CLASH feeling, the DECIBELIOS/ZAKARRAK-style as spanish roots and some cruel mobsters as nasty inspiration. The complete album is like a dangerous situation in a smutty bar: filled with heavy tattooed thugs, booze, R'n'R and that lovely smell of a good bare knuckle fights is in the air. So it's a fine mixture of spontaneous violence and dodgy peace, a deadly ride on a smokin' pump gun. A Wise Guy streetpunk race of 12 bloodstained tracks, stuffed with angry vocals, sharp-edged guitar sound and cold-blooded melodies. Merciless lyrics mostly in spanish, some in english. One-time vinyl version of 600 copies on deep-black wax. Zenowork/Anfibio/Punk Machine/Rusty Knife/Bandworm 2009)

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