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Sick Of It All "Wake The Sleeping Dragon!" CD (limited box set)

Sick Of It All "Wake The Sleeping Dragon!" CD (limited box set)


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For SICK OF IT ALL, getting older doesn't mean becoming quieter and mellower - the opposite is true for the punk and hardcore legend from New York. “There are so many horrible aspects of the world that we have only gradually become aware of and that fuel our daily frustration,” explains drummer Armand Majidi. “Now we can see through the matrix and luckily we have this band to vent our anger.” Their eleventh studio album still shows new influences: “We chose a more open, collaborative and ironic approach. Many different topics are addressed, some of which are significantly less difficult than others. It's always the right time for a revolution, that can be heard loud and clear in various songs. But we also have songs about musical heroes like the Bad Brains, inner demons, our dislike of animal cruelty, annoying narcissism on social media, friends we've lost, life on tour, looming wars over resources, and patterns in mosh pits can be related to the patterns of bald spots on men's heads. We definitely gave ourselves more freedom!” Working with friends is a crucial factor for SICK OF IT ALL, which is why they hired Ernie Parada, who the band has known since the 80s, for the cover. Producer The Jerry Farley became an important building block after the band had previously worked with him at his Nova Studios, Staten Island, New York. Her long-time partner Tue Madsen is responsible for mixing and mastering. While you can hear bassist Craig “Ahead” Setari on “2+2” and drummer Armand Majidi on “The New Slavery”, they gained two good friends with Chuck Ragan and Tim McIlrath for “Bull's Anthem”. “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!” is available as: Ltd. CD box set (incl. CD jewelcase, bandana and short lanyard), CD jewelcase, LP+CD, digital album.
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