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Saints & Sinners "Breakaway" CD (DigiPac)

Saints & Sinners "Breakaway" CD (DigiPac)


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("Fight for glory, play to win!" The Prague combo has shrunk to a trio, which doesn't affect the sound in any way: Album # 2 once again serves up 10 catchy way of life hymns with powerful singalongs and strong melodies, sung in English. KB 2016) 1. Fight for glory, play to win
2. Outnumbered
3. We aren't blind
4. Breakaway
5. The places I used to know
6. Burning hearts
7. One of those
8. Every saint, every sinner
9. Mind control
10. Soundtrack of your life
11. FIMH (bonus track)
12. For cowards (bonus track)
13. Keep hold (bonus track)
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