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Spirit of the Streets

Roughneck's "Sex, Trucks & Rock'n'Roll" CD (DigiPac)

Roughneck's "Sex, Trucks & Rock'n'Roll" CD (DigiPac)


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SOCIAL DISTORTION, Gunter Gabriel and the GENERATORS held hostage in Wegeleben! The five Harz (rock 'n') rollers are waiting with a full greaser broadside: 12 "drink and drive" swaying grenades in the spirit of Goldkrone and Jack Daniels, extra-wide track included.
The punk rock basics were given a high-percentage country'n'roll injection, "The naked truckdriver" (aka belly) becomes the hard-drinking bard of the country road. Skillful and thirsty. The band's motto "Brutal & sick" flutters undeterred in the wind, the madness writing itself new verses. Straight edge and good manners remain a long way off. It's about "Sex, Booze & Rock'n'Roll". Dubious. Incredible. Otherwise: Welcome “Joe Letscho”!
Sascha from the SCHUSTERJUNGS and Borster (ISOLATED) were brought in as supporting guest interpreters; the artwork, which is harmful to minors, comes from Sucker (OXYMORON, BAD CO. PROJECT).


1.) Roughneck's Ode
2.) Beautiful world
3.) Sex, schaps & rock'n'roll
4.) My city
5.) Dance with me
6.) The naked truck driver
7.) Punk Rock Love
8.) All alone
9.) Game of life
10.) Sunday morning
11.) Brutal and sick
12.) Joe Letscho


SOCIAL DISTORTION meets GENERATORS meets German Streetpunk drunkards!! Truckers, ruckers, ain't no suckers! The crazy 5-piece goin' wild, the ROUGHNECKS hit the road! Tough, kickin' and a bit rock'n'greasy. "Sex, Trucks & Rock'n'Roll" contains 12 "Drink and drive" anthems from the middle of Germany. The punk rock basics got a high percentage Country'n'Roll injection, "The naked Truck Driver" (Nickname for Singer Belly) is the drunk bard of the highway. Rough and thirsty. It's about "sex, booze and rock and roll." Questionable. Unbelievable.
Guest vocals by Sascha (SCHUSTERJUNGS) and Borstel (ISOLATED), the XXX artwork was done by Sucker (OXYMORON, BAD CO. PROJECT).

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