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Spirit of the Streets

Roughnecks - Small Town Chaos CD (DigiPac)

Roughnecks - Small Town Chaos CD (DigiPac)


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Caution! The street punkcore grenade from Saxony-Anhalt, from the small town in the east. The ROUGHNECKS produce fine melodies garnished with ultra brutal vocals and combine the result into a lively mixture of the classic German skinhead sound as well as rougher tones a la TROOPERS or DISCIPLINE. The streets of the small town are shaking, the small town slobs are on the move! Very important: the album never sounds dull or boring, this is ensured by the skilful lyrics with their entire "way of life" breadth of everyday frustration, friendship, skinhead cult and of course plenty of alcohol..."In the name of the crown "The liver can duck down very low, "Go your way" gets the gray cells into shape. A skinhead release that roughnecks can be proud of. The first 1000 CDs come in an elaborately designed DigiPac, with numerous photos, texts, etc.

Pure working class assault hailing from Wegenleben, Germany. Catchy & tight streetpunk/core with gruffy vocals, reminds on TROOPERS, DISCIPLINE or stuff like that. Or just ROUGHNECKS. 12 tracks of hard nosed skinhead sound in the line of classic German Oi! 100% authentic. Lyrics dealin' with the "Way of life", Friendship, Booze etc. The whole bunch of "Havin' a laugh and havin' a say!" First edition in DigiPac with a lot of pics and nice artwork, limited to 1000 copies.


1. Intro
2. Small town slobs
3. OI! Skinhead
4. Sick addiction
5. Nice time
6. Gold Crown
7. What do we want?
8. Go your way
9. Home
10. Sold youth
11. Life path
12. Working Class

Link: Roughneck's homepage
Link: MySpace
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