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Spirit of the Streets

Snot & Water "Kackband.... but colorful!" CD (DigiPac)

Snot & Water "Kackband.... but colorful!" CD (DigiPac)


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Here are finally new hymns from Hamburg!

No one-size-fits-all, without any musical boundaries and across genres, with lots of fun, irony,

Breaktime games and texts from normal life and its changes.

But don't worry, the boys keep "Assi & Charmant" with clear statements and announcements.

8 years, 4 children, 2 weddings and a revised band line-up after the last album, a lively one is now being released

and varied musical work with 14 catchy tunes and an overture. The new album – “Kackband…but colorful!”


01 Overture to drinking pleasure

02 Hugo son of a bitch

03 To quench your thirst

04 Not a hero

05 Poop tape

06 Pissed off

07 The hedgehog lives here now

08 Self-promoter

09 Skinhead attack

10 And Fucks!

11 Dop Dop Dop

12 fat blasting

13 Realistic

14 Free competition

15 Panama Canal


(SotS / 2022)

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