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Ratazanas, The "Lick it back" CD

Ratazanas, The "Lick it back" CD


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(Album # 2 by the Portuguese ska/reggae band with 15 tracks. Not quite as puristic as the debut from 2009, the Lisboa Roots-Skanksters go on "Lick it back" (already several times as a backing band for greats like Roy Ellis or Susan Cadogan) approach the material in a much more playful way and give their rocksteady/skinhead reggae mix a lot of sugar. The album's subtitle is pompously "Historical Reggae Vol. 1" and so the lyrics pay homage to various greats of world history such as Magellan, Cleopatra, Don Quixote, Richard the Lionheart and Marie Antoinette or deals with Apollo 11. Grover 2011)

(Second full length by Lisboa's skanksters Ratazanas, file under: "Historical Reggae Vol. 1", with 15 tracks of very entertainin' Rocksteady/Skinhead-Reggae sound. Grover 2011)

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