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Spirit of the Streets

Perkele "Voice of anger" CD

Perkele "Voice of anger" CD


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"Voice of anger" was released in 2001 and was the sixth release (including demos) by the Swedes, who founded the band in 1993, and their first album released outside of Sweden. Through the Spanish BRONCO BULLFROG label, the band received increased European feedback and achieved their first notable successes in the global skinhead scene. The decisive factor for this was certainly the texts, which were now completely in English, uncompromising statements for the way of life and against the evils of the time (politicians, scene splitters, etc.). Purely musically, PERKELE still have one foot in the Swedish Oi! sound of their earlier works ("Från Flykt Till Kamp" for example), there are strong parallels to bands like AGENT BULLDOGG (especially pleasant with "Smash the scum") clearly). Conclusion: 14 powerful bootboy blockbusters with the singalong bombshell "Hang 'em high" as the opener.


01. Hang'Em High
02. Leave Us Alone
03. Trendy Wankers
04. Psychopath
05. Politicians
06. My Own Way
07. Raise Your Voice
08. Smash The Scum
09. Visitors
10. The Disease
11. Hope And Victory
12. Don't Escape
13. Working Class
14. My Home

Back by public demand: Sixth release by PERKELE, originally released back in 2001 and the first one outside from Sweden. Through this album the band gets the first attention of a wider audience, esp. from the non-Swedish Skinhead crowd in Europe (the whole lyrics are now in English). In the meantime, PERKELE is one of the leading European street music outfits, "Voice of anger" was a mighty step in the right direction. It contains 14 hard punchin' Oi! anthems with 100% Working Class topics, including the PERKELE Classics "Hang 'em high" and "Raise your voice". Still with the typical Nordic Oi! note of their earlier stuff ("Från Flykt Till Kamp"), "Smash the scum" sounds very similar to swedish stuff like AGENT BULLDOG etc. 10 years later the album is a beloved classic in the Oi! scene, get reissued in various versions and formats and the fans can't get enough. The PERKELE crowd get bigger and bigger, so here is a new edition of their mile stone. 2001 or 2012, the spirit is still the same. Enjoy!
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