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Spirit of the Streets

Perkele "No shame" CD

Perkele "No shame" CD


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11 songs in English with a hard and precise sound, which is reminiscent of the TEMPLARS, among others. The native Oi! Factor was reduced and replaced by a strong British orientation (COCK SPARRER, CRIMINAL CLASS, LAST RESORT), PERKELE sound more anthemic overall. Included: "A song for you" and "Heart full of pride", two extremely atmospheric skinhead anthems. First and only album that the band recorded as a quartet. However, bassist Richard left PERKELE shortly after the release, and the band remained in the well-known trio version from then on. The success of "No shame" took the band to France, Germany, Ireland, Norway and the CSR for the first time.

11 raw and catchy skinhead singalongs, complete with english lyrics and a fine TEMPLARS/CHISWICK feel. The strong Swedish style has turned into a more British Oi! sound (COCK SPARRER, CRIMINAL CLASS, LAST RESORT), way more polished (in a good sense!). "No shame" is the one and only PERKELE album as 4-piece, bassist Richard left the band shortly after the release. Due to the success of "No shame" PERKELE plays gigs in Germany, France, Ireland, Norway, Belgium etc.
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