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Spirit of the Streets

Perkele "Längtan" CD

Perkele "Längtan" CD


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Ready for another PERKELE listening experience?  After the “Songs for you” live album, the Boys are back with a brand new studio release! Seven typical PERKELE hits, based on the unique recipe of brilliance and melody. For the first time there are also three Finnish-language songs with which singer Ron both pays homage to his family origins and gives the PERKELE sound a new dimension. The remaining four tracks are served in Swedish, making the album completely Scandinavian. From time to time the songs dig deeper into your ear, have an impact and become persistently and pleasantly lodged in your memory! A really intense, versatile street punk cocktail with the very special folk influences that only PERKELE can create. With “Längtan” the concentrated Nordic energy breaks out, PERKELE  surpass yourself!


1.) Long
2.) Irwin
3.) Starkare
4.) Muistot
5.) You can do aldrig vinna
6.) Rentun Ruusu
7.) Sent in lördag kväll

Are you ready for a new PERKELE crusade? The one & only PERKELE returns with another top notch release! Sweden's strongest streetpunk export pleases their numerous fans with 7 brand new & very varied anthems! For the first time there are three tracks in Finnish language included, so you'll be a bit surprised! Singer Ron, honors with his family roots and gives a very special mood to the songs. The other four tunes are in Swedish, so it's a complete Scandinavian master piece! Every time the songs develop more tension and melt to a powerful unity. Pure PERKELE, pure Nordic melody energy!

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