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Spirit of the Streets

Perkele "Best from the past" CD (Jewell Case)

Perkele "Best from the past" CD (Jewell Case)


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The strongest PERKELE songs bundled together on one album? With “Best from the past” this wish becomes reality; the album brings together 20 PERKELE hymns from all phases on one record (vinyl even comes as a double album). Compiled by singer Ron himself and provided with liner notes in the accompanying booklet. The story behind the text. All the classics are on board: From “Cowards”, “Hang'em high”, “Yellow & blue”, “Heartfull of pride” to “Göteborg”, “Längtan”, “Moments”, “A way out” etc. Appears as a CD version in a DigiPac sleeve and very old school on vinyl. And because twice as long lasts better: as double vinyl. Each limited: CD in an edition of 1000, double LP in an edition of 500 in colored vinyl.


1. A way out
2. Me
3. Det var då
4. 1621
5. Hang 'em high
6. Believe
7. Gothenburg
8. Working class
9. Moments
10. Smash it
11. My home
12. When you're dead
13. No shame
14. Cowards
15. Stories from the past
t 16. Längtan
17. Yellow & Blue
18. En underbar dag
19. Forever
20. Heart full of pride


The strongest PERKELE songs compiled on one album? With "Best from the past" this dream comes true, the album features 20 PERKELE anthems. Compiled by singer Ron himself: "Cowards", "Hang'em high", "Yellow & blue", "Heart Full of pride", "Gothenburg", "Längtan", "Moments", "A way out" etc. Released digital as CD version w/ DigiPac Sleeve (limited to 1000 copies) and on vinyl. Double vinyl (limited to 500 colored copies).

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