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Spirit of the Streets

Perkele "Back in time" 12"MLP (etched)

Perkele "Back in time" 12"MLP (etched)


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Perkele used the standstill during the Covid pandemic to re-record older songs in the rehearsal room, which have previously been enjoyed live and always received positive feedback. The rehearsal room videos were so well received on YouTube that the band was bombarded with requests to share these new recordings on streaming platforms. Unfortunately the recording quality was too poor for this, but the old songs have evolved over the years and it was time to bring them up to date. So a studio date was needed. The time had come in the summer of 2022 and here is the result.


So for the band's 30th anniversary there are 5 Perkele classics, in a new look. Let yourself be surprised!



1. Gothenburg

2. Back in time

3. Stories from the past

4. Where you're dead

5. What have I done?


(SotS / 2023)

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