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Paris Violence "Demos & Rarities 1995" LP (lim. 100, red + A2 poster)

Paris Violence "Demos & Rarities 1995" LP (lim. 100, red + A2 poster)


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(Here the title shows us the way, "Demos & Rarities 1995" takes care of the early tapes of the Parisian Dark Wave/Oi! mystics. A “loved or hated” combo since the band was founded, here the camps are clearly divided into Diehard Fans or strike opponents. For hard fans, “Impossible…” is of course a must-have, the other side should rather try to get closer to the band through the regular releases. Among the total of 16 tracks there are also various cover versions, for example by The Clash ( "What's My Name" here means "Keuf control!"), Les Cadavres ("No pasarán"), Metal Urbain ("50/50"), or "Nés pour tue", the template here was "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. Also quite interesting as a novelty: on two songs it is not the band leader Flav who sings, but a friend who has since died. The selection ranges from the first demo, "L'Esprit français" to "Un Hiver en Banlieue" to "Au Point où" "Voyage 32". Rating: Dark, atmospheric, unique. Comes with DIN A2 poster. Common People 2017)
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