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Pagans of Northumberland, The "same" EP 7" (red)

Pagans of Northumberland, The "same" EP 7" (red)


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(A punk rock outfit from Calgary/Canada operates under this aristocratic title, consisting of ex-members of the Disrupters, Knucklehead, The Mad Cowboys, Mother Fuckers etc. The 7" is the first vinyl release by the four seasoned men, St. Pauli (a separate song will be dedicated to the club) and football fans, and with the title song “The Moonies don't now” delivers a hearty lyrical broadside against the various world religions: “The Christians all claim they've got the answers, Hindus and the Jews do too. We're all searching for some meaning no temple holds your truth. Don't need a choir to sing my hymns just a bass line and a beat. My place of worship is a fresh cut pitch with a football at my feet. They've got an enemy, a common enemy, the enemy they share is called the truth...". 4 robust street punk songs in the roughened Stiff Little Fingers style with full-bodied choirs and a powerful bass line. Total edition of 500 pieces, here the limited pressing in red vinyl. riot 2015)

(Under this aristocratic bandname operates a punk rock outfit from Calgary/Canada, feat. ex-staff of the Disrupters, Knucklehead etc. This 7“ is their first vinyl release, 4 rough street punk songs in a good Stiff Little Fingers-style with loud choirs and thick bassline. Total press of 500 copies, here's the limited edition red vinyl. Randale 2015)

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