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Olde York "same" EP 7" (lim. 200)

Olde York "same" EP 7" (lim. 200)


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(Vinyl debut by the local Heroes from Olde York. Musically there is a powerful mix of old school Big Apple HC sound and 80's singalong stuff from the US of Oi! League (Uprise, New Glory etc.) League, the band released theirs in 2008 "Empire state" CD. This 7" contains three new tracks as well as two cover versions (of War Zone and Killing Time) and is released in the second edition of 200 copies. Lionheart 2012)

(Highly limited NYHC release! Olde York deliver three new cuts and two cover tunes (War zone, Killing Time). Bulldozin' Old School stuff! 2nd pressing, limited to 200 copies. Lionheart 2012)

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