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Noi!se "The Real Enemy" CD (DigiPac)

Noi!se "The Real Enemy" CD (DigiPac)


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(A harsh westerly wind blows across the seas from Tacoma...NOi!se combine their local Northwest Pacific sound with Boston style singalong power. The driving brittle Wipers/Observers moment merges with the full-breasted blue collar mentality of Bean City, dominated by Matt's distinctive vocals. You have to like it. Highly recognizable, doesn't fit the mold F. Idiosyncratic, oddball. 12 songs. Emotional without embarrassment, stirring like a storm surge. Stirring. Always over the top. A passionate punk rock album with bite and soul. And strong guest participation: in “The war inside” it’s The Interrupters, in “SPD” Gory Carbone (The Forgotten) has a say and in the finale/title giver “The Real Enemy” Al Barr (Bruisers, DKM) helps out. Vinyl comes in white, silver & splatter, CD version in a noble designed DigiPac. Randale 2016)
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