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Nineteen Eighty Four "1984" EP 7" (lim. 100, white)

Nineteen Eighty Four "1984" EP 7" (lim. 100, white)


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(Charge 69 drummer Laurent on a solo path!? Not quite, but 1984 is his baby and the sound of early Charge albums cannot be denied on this EP. In fact, the whole thing is more in the Street Dogs corner, i.e. heavily melodic street punk, which is exactly the same Boston could have come from. Only the song "Dreary Day" stands out with a little melancholy, which is not to be understood negatively, but in terms of style. Bomb debut by the four Frenchmen from Metz, sung throughout in English and now soon to be rare! Limited pressing of 350 black vinyls, 100 white and 50 speckled...KB 2012)

Page A:
1. I said nothing
2. Failure

Side B:
1. Another life
2. Three days
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