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New York City Hardcore Vol.2 "The Sound Of The Big Apple" Book

New York City Hardcore Vol.2 "The Sound Of The Big Apple" Book


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("Hardcore died in 1986," says Steven Blush, author of the book "American Hardcore," which was later made into a film. Roger Miret, legendary singer of the no less legendary Agnostic Front, counters with his own philosophy of life: "Hardcore for Life." The scene was never free of contradictions. "New York City Hardcore Vol.2 - The Sound Of The Big Apple" is the second part of a search for the nature and meaning of one of the most exciting youth movements of the late 20th century. It was just a matter of overcoming frustration difficult to educate young people from broken family backgrounds? Or was it the extended middle finger to the hated bourgeois society? Or perhaps even an attempt to establish a counterculture? The book explores these and other exciting questions using 19 exclusive original interviews and 61 new volume entries. Great attention is again paid to the musical genesis of New York City hardcore. What influence did local 77 bands like the Ramones, Dictators, and Dead Boys have on the emerging scene? How did the transition from punk to hardcore take place? Who was the first New York hardcore band in music history? Looking back, it cannot be overlooked that the metallic mid-eighties New York City hardcore, led by Agnostic Front, the Cro-Mags, Leeway and Killing Time, was just the tip of the iceberg. But the sound of the Big Apple has always been much more complex, ranging from fun-core (Murphy's Law, Norman Bates And The Showerheads) to crust-core (APPLE, Nausea) and art-core (Ism, Artless) to anti-fascist working class -Oi! (The Press, The Radicts). The book contains a foreword by scene pope Marc Nickel, alias MAD Marc (MAD Tourbooking). Members of The Misfits, Agnostic Front, the Cro-Mags, Bold, Biohazard and Leeway - a who's who of New York City hardcore! The text is flanked by hundreds of unpublished photos. The numerous illustrations come from (as with the first part "New York City Hardcore Vol.1 - The Way It Was", IP Verlag, 1999) IP 2011)

Pages: 304
Illustrations: approx. 200
Release: November 25, 2011
Language: German
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