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Messerstecher Heartbreaker - The Devil Comes Out LP (lim. 250, colored vinyl)

Messerstecher Heartbreaker - The Devil Comes Out LP (lim. 250, colored vinyl)

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"Sex, beer and psychobilly!" On album Number Two, the Dortmund-based MESSERSTECHER HERZENSBRECHER once again serve up a spectacular horror scenario of the teeth-chattering variety! Flawless old school psychobilly according to the time-honored purity law is celebrated here macabrely, no punk, no pop, no trendy whatever dilutes the recipe. As an in-house specialty, they still use German texts exclusively, a novelty within the local psycho scene. So you are closer to the man, the morbid, gruesome lines smash into the dismayed listener's ears like nasty hooks. "The heart of a boxer only knows one love..." Songs about "Psychobilly Rebel", "Corpse Robbers", black hearts, gangsters, vampires: the entire album is a scary rendezvous of dark characters and absurd situations. A B-movie set to music with Bela Lugosi, a diabolical hunt per excellence. Or as Chief-MESSERSTECHER Mütze praises with a demonic smile: "18 new Trax from the very dark side of rock'n'roll. A full broadside on your ears, the kick in the ass on the roller coaster ride through the horror chamber in the usual Messerstecher heartbreaker manner ! From love songs to shouting orgies, everything is there again! All in all, psychobilly with heart! Snot'n'roll forever!" Highly recommended for fans of CRAMPS, METEORS, DEMENTED ARE GO etc.! The vinyl is released in a limited collector's edition of 250 copies in transparent blood-red vinyl with an MP 3 download code included. Due to the excessive playing time, two tracks are missing from the vinyl, but the download code contains all 18 tracks. BANDWORM 2010


1. Pure
2. The Body Snatcher
3. Mine
4. Psychobilly Rebel
5. So beautiful
6. Black Heart
7. Last lie
8th child of this time
9. Tonight!
10. The Boxer
11. Full moon baby
12. Lacquer 2010
13. The knife
14. A long road
15. Sex, Beer & Psychobilly
16. Gangster Train!
17. The Vampire of D.
18. Get out


Second bunch of bloodthirsty lullabies by the German Psycho squad, called MESSERSTECHER HERZENSBRECHER (Knife stabbin' Heartbreakers). 18 ghoulish graveyard stompers from hell! A pure raw Psychobilly clash in the old-fashioned way for the fans of CRAMPS, METEORS or DEMENTED ARE GO. And for munsters and dead virgins too. Lyrics are complete in German, that's the unique trademark of the band, with topics like Gravediggers, Vampires, Mobsters, Psychobilly Rebels etc. Demonic stuff from the darker side of the brain. Cruel & lovely! Limited vinyl version of 250 copies on clear red (blood) vinyl with digital download MP3's. BANDWORM 2010

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