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Matt Gonzo Roehr "Lightning & Thunder" CD

Matt Gonzo Roehr "Lightning & Thunder" CD


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Punk rock and rock n' roll, wild, rough, live and virtuoso.

“Himmelstürmer”, the opener, sets the tone straight away, but it gets better from song to song: “Zeitgeistreiter”, “RIF”, “Ja, Nee, Is´ Klar”, “The Truth (†)”, “Revolution ", "24/7/365" or "Ich Bin Nicht Wie Du" rock until you drop, tell stories from life that we all know, demand individuality and freedom, they get you moving - and after a short listen you can easily sing along .

There is something more thoughtful about the very groovy “Gedankenpolizei.” The song is the “counterpoint” on the album, but beguiles with its message and the great instrumental parts.

Gonzo on his songs: “Packing social criticism into understandable formulas and thereby encouraging further and rethinking” is what I want to achieve with my lyrics.”

“No finger-wagging, no pseudo-intellectual whitewashing, no lies for the sake of political correctness. Plain language for everyone who still walks upright.”

“BLITZ & DONNER” is a rocker that recalls the wildest times of his long career! And there's nothing to add to that!
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