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Martens Army "Stand up!" LP (white)

Martens Army "Stand up!" LP (white)


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“A new sound is blaring from the stereo!”

...with this statement in the title “We are the Martens Army” the whole madness started about 16 years ago.

2024 – here it is, the 4th studio album. German-language Oi! music, with lots of melodies and singalongs. There's really nothing more to say.

The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet, the LP comes in an inside-out cover, embossed and with partial glossy varnish, it doesn't get more classy and elaborate than this!


200x red vinyl (Oi! the Shop / band concert merch exclusive)

500x white vinyl


A1 Intro, A2 Antipathy Hymn, A3 With Body and Soul, A4 Killennium, A5 We don’t give a shit about MAD, A6 Merseburger Rabe, A7 A Skinhead doesn’t bow down,

B1 Stand up at last!, B2 Leave the church in the village, B3 Forever - Forever, B4 KKK, B5 Hardcore Junkies (Vinyl Bonustrack), B6 ​​We turn back time

(2024 / KB Records)

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