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Martens Army "Stand up!" CD

Martens Army "Stand up!" CD


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“A new sound is blaring from the stereo!”

...with this statement in the title “We are the Martens Army” the whole madness started about 16 years ago.

2024 – here it is, the 4th studio album. German-language Oi! music, with lots of melodies and singalongs. There's really nothing more to say.

The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet, the LP comes in an inside-out cover, embossed and with partial glossy varnish, it doesn't get more classy and elaborate than this!


01. Intro, 02. Antipathy Hymn, 03. With Body and Soul, 04. Killennium, 05. We don't give a shit about MAD, 06. Merseburger Rabe, 07. A Skinhead doesn't bow,

08. Stand up, finally!, 09. Leave the church in the village, 10. Forever - Forever, 11. KKK, 12. We turn back time

(2024 / KB Records)

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